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13th-May-2007 08:57 pm - 9 miles
britney holiday
Looks like 9 miles is in my near future huh?? BECAUSE THE DUCKS WON!!! :D :D :D :D

Started off ahead, then Detroit cought up and went ahead, then we tied it up to force overtime.. and won in overtime... JUST AS I HAD DREAMED FOR 3 NIGHTS IN A ROW. :P

How crazy.
I totally saw the future.

:D woo

I haven't gotten to eat all day except jello.
Colonoscopy in the morning.. then I can finally eat.
You have no idea how good EVERYTHING looks when you're not allowed to eat it.
I'm cranky because I'm so hungry.

and fleet phospho soda is absolutely disgusting.
14th-Jun-2006 01:27 am - awake?
britney holiday
i dunno why im still awake...i should go to bed but im not. im too distracted by doing chores and watching tv and being on the computer and yeah.. ill go to bed soon. i got some new icons[userpics]. they arent made by me obviously. i found em. whatever they're all cute. and u'll see em all eventually. i get to pack tomorrow..woo. and i get to leave for minnesota thursday afternoon. woo. it doesnt sound like a very fun trip to me...airplane 3 hours..sleep...car ride 8 hours...boring stuff...sleep in dorm rooms for 2 nights...car ride 8 hours again..sleep...plane ride 3 hours. :-/ ehh. im going for the chinese food. holla. <3
12th-May-2004 11:12 pm - Friends Only
britney holiday
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